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A little about me...

Braxton Studio has been around for quite awhile... known mainly by word of mouth.

I started in photography back in grade school and it has been a love affair ever since. While most of my friends went to college to get "real jobs", I became a Professional Photographer. I graduated with a degree in Photography and have worked in many aspects of the business.

Are you interested yet?

Well, I hope you are. Because I believe that one of the best things about this Studio is that I am a Mom. And, because I am a Mom (of two beautiful children); I understand the mood swings and do not put unrealistic expectations on the child. I want you to have a geat experience; so many people dread the long day (getting ready part) and the bribes (in order to get the kids to behave) and lose the fun aspect. Come on in, relax and leave the worrying to me... you won't regret it.

Let's have some fun and capture some priceless memories!

Last but not least... it is next to impossible to take a picture of yourself. So, thanks to my wonderful friend Diana, for taking on the daunting task.