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What to wear?

Along with your session fee, I include a complimentary consultation. This consultation covers location, clothing, props, etc… I believe that your portraits should be a reflection of you and your family; comfortable and relaxed.

How long and when?

Sessions are scheduled according to the best time for the children. Most young children are at their best early in the day (Sorry Mom and Dad – no sleeping in for you!). As to the length of the sessions – it all depends on the children – they set the pace – I schedule 1 to 2 hour sessions because it can be necessary. There is time to let them warm up and get comfortable with the surroundings and I usually have mini breaks for kids when needed.

Newborn sessions are the long ones. I schedule up to 3 hours for them... and they can take the entire time. But it is well worth it when you see the portraits! And they need to be scheduled early for those adorable newborn poses. Call and schedule the appointment early... some of my little ones sessions are scheduled before they even arrive!

Outdoor or Indoor?

If you would like to do a little of both, it really depends on the age of your children. Very young children tire easily. Indoor sessions are at my home studio. I have a few area parks and locations that I use for outdoor portraits, or you may use a location of your choice.

A few ideas...

Smiling -

Don't Coach the children to "smile", when you tell a child to "smile" - they put on a fake grimace - not at all attractive. And also remember - children don't smile all the time - there is a wide range of expressions that tell the story of your child. So don't be disappointed if we don't get big smiles; pensive and serious expressions are some of my favorite images. Just tell them that you are going someplace fun and we'll go from there.

Meltdowns -

Kids can end up just going into a meltdown - you know what that is - and we may end up having to end our session at that time as it is often fruitless to try to go on. There usually isn't a big rush so I will just let the kids get comfortable, look around, then I can get the casual looks that I am going for. If something comes up - they aren't feeling well, etc... it’s often best to reschedule rather than try to photograph them when they are out of sorts.